The TOP REASONS why to host your website with Cloud Hosting

We gather that it is not that simple to find an affordable, reliable and efficient web host, which is why we have put all the details at one place to help you make your decision unambiguously. At Cloud Hosting, we feel pride on our commitment to our customers, and we make sure that our every client is getting all the details that are needed before taking decisions.

Why Website Hosting & Domain Registration from Cloud Hosting

Auto Backup

Auto Backups

At Cloud Hosting, we take auto backups of all website data for our customers. Customers also has the option to restore that data from the last auto backup of their website. Hence giving our customers hassle free options. (without any guarantee)

Cloud Flare Optimized Partner

We are the only optimized partner of Cloud Flare in Pakistan, to offer you the extensive range of optimization of your web site with Cloud Flare. Cloud Flare makes website safer, smarter and faster. The web traffic is routed through Cloud Flare’s Intelligent Global Network, all around the world. Our all hosting packages are hosted through Cloud Flare that makes them to access website quickly and securely.

CloudFlare Optimized Partner

SiteLock Business Security

Lowest Rates for SiteLock with SiteLock CDN

At Cloud Hosting, for the first time in Pakistan, we are providing Site Lock security tools with Site Lock CDN. We are official partners with Site Lock. We offer you the Site Lock security tools to protect your website from malicious malwares, search engine/browser blacklisting, spam blacklisting, application compulsion or vulnerabilities, spywares and viruses, file change and suspicious code or backdoor left by hackers. We are providing these industry leading security tools for very lower rates.

Trendy Site Builder

Hardware Upgrading

Option to Upgrade your Hosting Machine Hardware

We are highly delighted, at Cloud Hosting, to provide the option to improve your Hosting Machine Hardware. Our clients can customize their hardware according to their needs and wishes and can improve the efficiency of their website. Clients can request to make upgrades for CPU, increase RAM and I/O . We assume that the upgrades to such devices are not available easily. We are one such place to offer you benefits to put upfront your needs and advantages as prior.

Softaculous for Auto Script Installation

The web hosting at Cloud Hosting, also provides softaculous for auto script installations. Softaculous is a great auto installer having a large number of great scripts. Softaculous gives much faster updates of scripts that it maintains.


SEO tools

Free SEO Tools for your website

SEO for your website was never so easy. Client Hosting proudly offers basic Attracta & Marketing Goo SEO tools free of cost with all its hosted packages. Clients/Businesses can use these free of cost tools to optimize their website for search engines. These tools help increase the number of online visitors from the possible clients and grow the business on internet. Client also has the option to upgrade these tools to utilize maximum benefits of these tools at some additional cost.

Remote MX option

Cloud Hosting supports Remote MX option to easily convert domain to work with Google Business Apps for managing business activities through trusted platform of google.

MX Options