Twitter announced Group Direct Message feature.

As top on the news, Twitter has finally announced the Group DM. With Group DM feature you are allowed to private message to more than one person, as similar to group chat with direct message. The Group DM allows you to add up to 20 people in a single DM or direct message. It’s a fun feature that twitter added to mold it’s public aspects to more complementary way. Within Group DMs you can share texts, links, tweets, emojis and photos. You can also edit and add a name to your Group DM simply by clicking the “pencil” icon on top of the chat screen. You can start your Group DM anytime by going on “Messages” tab and opening “New Message” or “bubble” icon. You can search and add list of people you want to have conversation with. It’s obvious that Twitter has finally considered the roll of little privacy by adding this Twitter Group DM feature. Finally we are able to discuss specific things in more private manner than public timelines.

For more details and further usage see video below

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