The Bouncy Ball Drone – Gimball – May be the Future Savior or Rescuer

Bouncy Drone - Gimball - Features

Technology is progressing rapidly upward on chart within few past years. With this speed of development, the time has introduced so many vast ideas that came into existence or coming into life. When it comes to sense in technology, we have known that drones traverse across hurdles. To make these technologies public, we are still waiting for some sturdy solutions.

Meanwhile, Flyability (a Swiss Company) has introduced a bouncy ball drone named Gimball, that is a two-rotor drone shelled inside a flexible globe. The outer flexible soft globe rotates independently of the drone that allows it to bounce off the walls while maintaining altitude. Gimball is not afraid of collisions. Where other robots when collide to something, become stationary, while Gimball continues to fly even after the collisions. It can roll on to the surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings etc and maintains its flow direction.

Adrien Broid, Co-Founder of Flyability and CTO, said in words; “The goal of this flying robot is to reproduce the amazing capabilities of insects, especially the fact that they can collide into things and continue flying afterwards.”

Flyability has visualized Gimball as establishment to rescue menacing indoor incidents like fire, chemical leaks or nuclear meltdowns. Gimball, as a rescuer, would search through a building and find the possible survivors where sending humans might be too threatening.

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