Difference between Web Hosting and Domain

As growing age of technologies and internet utilization, everyone is dependent on getting as many facilities from them. From trending businesses to fresh starters, it has become very important to keep a presence on web. Everyone gets attracted to a profound presence on web and it also enhances the rankings and benefits to the owner and everyone related to the website, whether it’s a visitor or client. As for escalated businesses, and newbie, it’s very common that they get confused between the terms as domain name with web hosting.

Therefore, it is very important to be crystal clear in such basic concepts before going on web. For the fact, this post will help you to get the basic knowledge to get over your confusions like what is domain? Or what is domain name registration? What is web hosting? And what is the difference between them?

What is the difference between domain and web hosting? Beginner’s guide to own website and web hosting

Getting confused between domain name and web hosting is very common for newbie or fresh starters. We can develop our websites by using plenty of easy-to-use tools, but we don’t know how to make it live on web. Therefore, for making online presence on web one must need to be very clear about these basic concepts.

Are you a fresh starter and newbie and want your own personal space on web? But you are confused with the terms and don’t know how to make your online presence available to the world? Here we are going to discuss all the basic troubles you get in concept clearance to run your very own website.

By means of simplifying, domain is a unique address of your website that is assigned to you with authorities as owner. Whereas, web hosting provides space for the storage of web pages, contents and databases of your website on internet servers, that can be accessed by people from all over the world through internet.

What is Domain?

A domain is basically a name or address of your website. When the domain name is registered, you get sole ownership and rights to that name. When a visitor visits the website, he enters the domain name of the website to search.

The domain name can only be registered by domain registrar. Once a domain name is registered, no one will have the administration rights or sole ownership to the name apart from you.

But only getting a domain name doesn’t mean your website is ready to serve the world, it needs a proper well configured web server.

To simplify: for example; www.cloudhosting.com.pk is website’s address or domain name.

What is low level domain and top level domain (TLD)?

Low Level Domains are the unique names that owner of website decides, they can be the title of the website. Top Level Domain or TLD are the postfix to the low level domain that the owner of website can choose according to their choice.

From above example www.cloudhosting.com.pk , cloudhosting is a domain name that is invented by the owner itself, which is Low Level Domain. However, .com.pk are the TLDs (abbreviation to Top Level Domain) that are chosen by the owner. TLD’s management responsibility is assigned to specific organizations by ICANN (abbreviation to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).As you see to every website a TLD is required. There is a long list of TLD where you can choose that fits best to your website or business. TLDs are also specific to the country level, that is, for example: .pk for Pakistan, .ae for United Arab Emirates, etc. There are some most famous international TLDs categorized that are most commonly used and are the heartiest wish of every web person to get on internet that are .com as commercial entity, .org as organizational entity, .net as network entity, .edu as higher education entity etc.

As you roam around the web, from search engines like google to even every emailing website or any fun pages the TLD are a must asset.






Therefore, to get the domain name registered, choose a name and a TLD and check availability. If the domain name you invented is already available, get it registered. One must choose the right site for domain registration that brings a lot of ease and comfort. As for example www.cloudhosting.com.pk provides the wide range of domain of your choice along with web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting refers to a space in server that stores or contains all the data about websites i.e. web pages, contents and databases. It needs a 24/7 of good care to keep the web server running safe and secure and full of maintenance and management.

There are providers and companies for web hosting that basically rent out the web servers or spaces at web servers and fast network connections to the website owners. They can provide the full servers to extended businesses and can allocate spaces in a single server for multiple running website, according to choice. The hosting companies maintain all the server maintenance work such as root configurations, backups, system maintenance, data disaster recoveries, cool environment etc. Instead of hosting your website on your own computer, choosing a web host is the best option as they provide full services along with tools to keep the website running and maintained and get secured from hackers, malwares, spywares and suspicious codes and damages that can destroy your files and content.

Choose a right web host for your website and leave all the maintenance to them. There are lots of hosting providers available with attractive packages. All hosting packages at CLOUDHOSTING are hosted in one of the top data center of the world, in Germany. All packages are hosted on CloudFlare CDN that provides a robust, and allows the quick access to the website by reducing load and time taken by your website on user’s browser.

What steps I need to follow to make my website live on internet/web?


Get domain name

Go to some domain registration website or some hosting website and check domain availability for your website. Select the TLD according to your choice and check for the availability of the name you want for your website. If the domain name is not available, there is no authority you can get that unless you buy it from the owner. The best option here is to search for a different name that is already available and register your domain. It’s as simple as easy to just follow the steps and get yourself a great deal of domain name totally owned by you.

For concerns, CLOUDHOSTING provides a wide range of domain registration services.

Usually, when you will order the domain registration, you will get registered to the company’s website too and an account is created as client. Then you will be able to choose payment plans and get further hosting packages. Through your account, from domain control panel, you will be able to change domain admin details, billing contact details, technical contact details and name servers.


Choose the hosting package

Well, now you have your domain registered, you are now just a matter of choice ahead to make your website go online on internet. There are various serving best packages available on hosting sites. Select the one that seems best to you according to your needs and affordability. All the services and offers are mentioned on each package. Either you want starter plan or pro, reseller or dedicated part, just click on and choose the right plan on very reasonable costs.


Design webpages or develop website

Now once you’re settled with your domain name and web host, the next stage is to develop the web pages or website. Either you can choose some professional services like EIGLOU.COM that can design website for you or you can consider yourself to get through couple of things.


Your site is ready to serve the world!

Once your website is developed and configured to the hosting. Your website is ready to serve the world. Anyone can access your website through internet.

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