CloudFlare Web Hosting Included for Free

CloudFlare is fully implemented within our web hosting infrastructure and our clients can enable CloudFlare on their domain names directly from our control panel, within seconds.

CloudFlare Railgun Offered for free exclusively on our web hosting platforms.

We have partnered with CloudFlare in order to make CloudFlare work much more efficiently on our servers than any other web hosting company, as we are a CloudFlare optimized partner. CloudFlare Optimized Partners offer all the benefits of a CloudFlare Certified Partner, plus Railgun.

CloudFlare makes website safer, smarter, and faster. Web traffic is routed through our CloudFlare’s intelligent global network. We optimize delivery of your web pages automatically so your visitors get the faster and smarter performance. At each location of intelligent global network, CloudFlare does caching, web content optimization and malicious bot filtering that block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting bandwidth and server resources.

Railgun ensures that the connection between our network and the CloudFlare network is as fast as possible. Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression ratio for previously uncacheable web objects by using techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This results in an average 730% performance increase.

When a request is made to a CloudFlare server for a web page that is not in cache CloudFlare makes an HTTP connection to the origin server to request the page. It’s that HTTP connection that Railgun accelerates and secures.

Railgun uses a new caching mechanism based on comparing page versions to determine what needs to be transmitted across the Internet to the CloudFlare network. Using this mechanism CloudFlare is able to achieve typical 99.6% compression (taking, for example, a 100k web page down to 400 bytes) and a speedup of over 700%.

CloudFlare Advantages

Worldwide Site Performance Improvement

CloudFlare has 23 datacenters all around the world which your website is delivered from the closest datacenter to your visitors, improving load times significantly.

Bot and Threat Website Protection

CloudFlare leverages multiple data sources of malicious online threats and stops any attempted attacks to your website before they can get to your website.

Spam Comments Protection

CloudFlare blocks malicious bots which post spam comments on your website before they can reach your site, which reduces your spam content on your site.

Alerting Visitors of Infected Computers

CloudFlare alerts your human visitors who have infected computers to take action and only allows them to view your website by typing a CAPTCHA.

Decreased CPU Usage

Your website’s content will be offloaded by CloudFlare’s 23 datacenters which will reduce the amount of requests to your account, decreasing your account’s CPU usage.

Additional Website Statistics

CloudFlare gives you more information about your website’s visitors and categorizes the visits into human visitors, threats & search engine crawlers.