The Bouncy Ball Drone – Gimball – May be the Future Savior or Rescuer

Bouncy Drone - Gimball - Features

Technology is progressing rapidly upward on chart within few past years. With this speed of development, the time has introduced so many vast ideas that came into existence or coming into life. When it comes to sense in technology, we have known that drones traverse across hurdles. To make these technologies public, we are still waiting for some sturdy solutions. continue reading →

Twitter announced Group Direct Message feature.

As top on the news, Twitter has finally announced the Group DM. With Group DM feature you are allowed to private message to more than one person, as similar to group chat with direct message. The Group DM allows you to add up to 20 people in a single DM or direct message. It’s a fun feature that twitter added to mold it’s public aspects to more complementary way. continue reading →

Difference between Web Hosting and Domain

As growing age of technologies and internet utilization, everyone is dependent on getting as many facilities from them. From trending businesses to fresh starters, it has become very important to keep a presence on web. Everyone gets attracted to a profound presence on web and it also enhances the rankings and benefits to the owner and everyone related to the website, whether it’s a visitor or client. As for escalated businesses, and newbie, it’s very common that they get confused between the terms as domain name with web hosting. continue reading →